Elk NetworkCoos County – onX Public Access Project

General | July 12, 2021

Call it a ‘two birds with one stone’ kind of conservation victory just off the Oregon coast.

In 2019, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, onX and Leupold provided $75,000 in grant funding to ensure that Coos County could maintain forest and meadows for wildlife habitat, timber production and grazing on the County’s recently acquired 760-acre Seven Devils tract.

Located 225 miles southwest of Portland near the coastal town of Charleston, local officials wanted to provide more land for its residents to use and enjoy.

And the transaction did exactly that, opening the door for access to the new public land for hunting and other recreational opportunities.

On top of that, RMEF volunteers rolled up their sleeves to join crews with the hands-on habitat improvement work.

Enhancement projects included planting trees, replacing old fences with wildlife-friendly fencing and treatments that removed invasive vegetations, thus upgrading forage for elk and other wildlife. Improved habitat and newly created public access – a win for wildlife and humans alike.